Top Tier – Heart of Gold – $2/month

Join the Heart of Gold Tier for only a $2 donation per month and receive immediate access to The Heart of Gold First Tier Community! I post updates about the horses accompanied by my hobby of making nude dancing videos! You will find hundreds of videos of me dancing in vintage dresses to classic records on my Victrola record player. During each full length song, I strip my outer.. and under garments until I am finally nude by the end of the song for the big reveal! You will also get to see my years of work as a nude model for some of the best photographers in the world!

Tier 2 – Adult Story Telling – $5/month

Make a monthly donation of $5 and join the Second Tier Community page! You will have access to everything on the First Tier, PLUS I’ll update DAILY with videos of adult story telling! Listen to stories from my days as a nude model, stripper and nude masseuse, as well as funny dating stories, uplifting memories and optimistic outlooks on our present and future lives. My goal is always to bring some light and joy into your day, as you did for the horses with your generous donation.

Tier 3 – Nudist Life! – $10/month

Join our community on my third tier blog page by donating $10 a month to Heart of Gold Sanctuary, which includes updates on all the horse rescues, the sharing of my personal hobby of strip dancing to old records, many years worth of art nude photographs, Adult Story Telling videos AND once a week you will be able to join me while I’m either cooking a meal fully nude (An occasional sheer apron on the really messy cooking shows..), or, weather permitting, join me on a beautiful hike through forests, ocean bluffs, oak valleys wearing nothing but my sneakers! Sometimes I may throw a few nude yoga lessons in here with my friend who is an instructor!

Tier 4 – Pussy Power! – $20/month

I know, I know.. You’re ready to join my most popular tier. Besides having fun access to all the previous tier community pages, you will also be updated DAILY with ultra sexy very up-close and intimate “lap dances“. Each video lasts for an entire song and yes, I always find a way to get full naked, as is my art and joy! Just try not to smile ;^) You will also have the viewing pleasure of my more risqué nude shoots that you won’t find anywhere else. Because no where else allows them.. Enjoy!

Tier 5 – Director’s Cut! – $40/month

Join Tier 5 and not only will you have access to the 4 previous tiers, but you will get to be the director of your very own strip dance! Once a month you may ask for a personalized video that is just for you. You choose the music, you choose the dress style and lingerie, or lack thereof, and give me some direction in what exactly you would like to see. Yes I will gladly thank you personally in the video!

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Tier 6 – Polaroid Patron – $60/month

This includes content and updates from all previous 5 tiers, including direct your own personal strip dance video, PLUS the added benefit of requesting three very sexy and or sweet poses of myself on Polaroid film! I use the original 600 polaroid film, so you know every picture is truly only for you! Each polaroid will be signed and dated. They will be inside one of my art cards, the cover of which will feature one of my oil paintings! It’s a fun way for me to share my other art with you, painting nude mermaids and faeries! The card and the three polaroids will be mailed to you in a plain, nonchalant manilla envelope, so as not to pique the postman’s suspicion! Happy to ship to P.O. Boxes! If you cannot receive mail, I do give the option of sending you high resolution scans of your polaroids, and promise they will be kept forever in my personal scrap-book of nudes.

Tier 7 – Benevolent Benefactor – $100/month

This includes content and updates from all previous 6 tiers, including directing your own video, 3 personalized polaroids AND an 18×24″ poster from any of my shoots with Aisha. If you’re not sure which those are, I will direct you to those gallery links to choose from. Your poster will be mailed in a tube separately from your polaroids to prevent bending. If you can’t recieve mail, I can send you a downloadable high quality file, or you can choose the setting of my next shoot with Aisha, and the gallery will be dedicated to you. We shoot together twice a month.