Polaroid Patron- Tier 6

This includes content and updates from all previous 5 tiers, including direct your own personal strip dance video, PLUS the added benefit of requesting three very sexy and or sweet poses of myself on Polaroid film! I use the original 600 polaroid film, so you know every picture is truly only for you! Each polaroid will be signed and dated. They will be inside one of my art cards, the cover of which will feature one of my oil paintings! It’s a fun way for me to share my other art with you, painting nude mermaids and faeries! The card and the three polaroids will be mailed to you in a plain, nonchalant manilla envelope, so as not to pique the postman’s suspicion! Happy to ship to P.O. Boxes! If you cannot receive mail, I do give the option of sending you high resolution scans of your polaroids, and promise they will be kept forever in my personal scrap-book of nudes.